My Shitty Twenties – The Book

My memoir My Shitty Twenties is going to be published by Salt Publishing on 15th July 2017. You can pre-order it at your favourite bookshop or on Amazon here. If you’re in Manchester, come to the launch at Waterstones Deansgate on 12th July – I’ll be doing a Q&A, reading from the book and signing copies. Book your ticket here.

“The freshest, frankest, wisest, ballsiest memoir I’ve read. Daring, eloquent, and important: a glorious tale of one woman’s triumph over the past and her own fears as she learns how to be a single parent in a world where ‘single’ is still a dirty word. I cried heaps and adored every page.”

(Emma Jane Unsworth)

When I found out I was pregnant at the age of 22, it felt like the end of the world. I was a single, skint student who knew nothing about babies and didn’t really like them. I wanted desperately to read a book about someone who’d made it as a mother on their own, but I couldn’t find one. Once things had calmed down a bit and I had got over the shock of it all, I decided to write that book myself. I hope all sorts of people read it and enjoy it, but if it helps just one pregnant woman who’s been left holding the baby, my work here will be done.