Book Launched

It’s official! My book has been launched and today is the publication date. I had a wonderful time and a right laugh at Waterstones Deansgate on Wednesday night. I read from the book, including a scene when, terrified and confused, exactly 12 years earlier, I found myself in the very same bookshop reading about foetuses. Lots of people very kindly came along and bought the book and Kate O’Donnell interviewed me and was the consummate host. Afterwards, friends and I went to the Manchester International Festival Pavillion in Albert Square, where my mates had saved me a deck chair with THE TRUTH printed on it (below). It was also a special day for my son, who starred in the leading role of Shakespeare in his primary school leaving production. True to form, I couldn’t go because it clashed with work, but I hear he was brilliant and remembered all his hilarious lines, which is good news because his ambition is to act. The DVD’s out next week and I’m stocking up on popcorn already.

If you missed the launch, I am doing loads more events this summer and will keep the ‘events’ page (tab up there) updated. If you’d like to read the book, buy it from your favourite bookshop or order online, with free international shipping, here. If e-books are your thing, it’s available on Kindle too.

Thanks to everyone who came along / read my blog / encouraged me over the years.

in convo

In conversation

me and kate

With Kate, the perfect host.

deck chair of truth

The Deck Chair of Truth

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